Faculty Involvement

Dr. Bradley Buckham Member of the University of Victoria's Mechanical Engineering Department. Dr. Buckham researches wave energy generation and intelligent navigation/control of undersea vehicles. His extensive work with autonomous vehicles has provided AUVIC with knowledge and expertise which has greatly contributed to the success of the team.

Student Members


President - Aman Nijjar Fourth year computer engineering student with an interest in underwater communication. His preferred sport is Basketball and enjoys cooking different omelets.

Project Manager - Anton Nikotenko Third year software engineering student currently working for Codan Communications. Also working on OpenCV vision dection and improvements to our code structure and workflow. Anton loves Summer.

VP of External Affairs - Karan Dere Second year mechanical engineering student. Working out, cooking, watching the Dark Knight, Karan does it all. He also likes pasta.

Electrical team

Lead Electrical Engineer - Poorna Chander Kalidas Fourth year electrical engineering student and talented firmware developer for Tesla US. Poorna is developing new firmware architecture, while training team on good practices.

Miguel Manguerra

Shuhang Tan

Carter Cooper

Marie Nikkel

Aman Nijjar

Software Team

Lead Software Engineer - Rob Wasmann Rob is just a traveler in time working on 4th year studies in computer science. When not at the beach, he’s doing dev on the AI algorithms that ultimately drive Polaris. Rob has previously published several apps and games in the iOS App Store.





Liam Loucks - Webmaster

Liam built this website and handles all web related work.

Mechanical Team

Lead Mechanical Engineer - Bob Noakes: First year mechanical engineering graduate student working with the bio-medical faculty. Bob enjoys to hike on trails , camps in the wilderness, and is a tough guy. He is working on a buoyancy system for the submarine.

Karan Dere

Karan is a 3rd year mechanical engineering student who enjoys movies, cooking and working out. At the moment, Karan is working on a new torpedo system.

Peyton Avigdor

Peyton is a 2nd year mechanical engineering student who enjoys rugby, mountain biking and pizza. He is currently working on the ball dropper for Polaris.

Terry Welton

Terry is originally from Kelowna, and has recently completed Camosun's mechanical engineering bridge program. He enjoys the outdoors, and is currently working on the grabber arm for Polaris